I am Derkurt. I am the Kurt. I am Edmerz Derkurt. I am clearly not myself, no – I am my selves. I am what I are. I am plural. I am digital. In my binary ways I am many. Styles, techniques, traditions. I am DAD with an A.

Kurt Schwitters have been influencing my work in many different ways. His style of collages, his prose and poetry, his attidtudes, etc. I feel i hava great affinity with the man and his work. Schwitters was a many of many styles, many materials, many genrés. He did it all, more or less. This section of this site is a hommage to Schwitters, but also a way to examine my relationship to the Kurt, and to present my Edmerz works.

This DerKurt thread wont be laid out in any orderly fashion, but rather as series of juxtapositions. Lika a collage or a Merz texture. My images, my texts, will be intermixed with texts and images by Schwitters and others.

And so he pasted, nailed wrote poetry, set type, sold, printed, composed, barked, collaged, recited, whistled, barked an he loved, bellowing, without regard for the person, the audience, whatever technique, traditional art or his own. He did everything, and most of it at the same time. Hans Richter

Schwitters was working in many areas and so do i. Maybe I am a jack of many trade, but master on none. I am to curiois no to try out new things. I too paste, paints, scribbles, writes, design, play music, works in different styles and mediums.

One needs a new medium. The best is, one his own medium. But don't be serious because seriousness belongs to a passed time. This medium called yourself will tell you to take absolutely the wrong material. This is very good, because only the wrong material used in the wrong way, will give the right picture, when you look at it from the right angle. Or the wrong angel. Kurt Schwitters My art my life

In order to get the right picture you got to do it wrong. Besides from playing with words I guess that he meant that chance and misstakes are crucial if you want to produce something new and startling. Well that's a least my opinion.

I met Kurt Schwitters in 1919. We met at the "Sturm" in Berlin. When the exibition ended at about six a o´clock we went across the street to Café Josty at Potsdamer platz. We sat down on the round maprble-top tables on arched iron legs, ordered our coffe, and Schwitters asked me straight away if I would like to merz with him.

At first I did not now what he meant, I thought I had misheard him. He took a blank postcard out of his breats-pocket and placed it on the marbletable- top. He took some scraps of paper och of his othert breast-pocket. He found a green streetcar ticket and ripped it up. Then i took one piece of the paper printed with numbers and letters and put it on the postcard. Then he asked me to merz further, and offered me a choice from his small pile of trash on the marble table-top.I was comvinced that this inganative person was teetering on the edge of reason. I thought it best to treat him with caution. George Muche I merzed with Schwitters

This is a charming story about Schwitters that shows a man with good confidence and one that does what I likes disregarding social conventions. It also shows how closely related his work is to play. Schwitters was by some other dadaist opinion the Caspar David friedrich of the dada movement (they meant he was a romantic in disguise, which was partly true.) He was said to be bourgeoisie. He wasn't in many respect the typical artist of the avante garde. next


In this image the heads of my sister and my father are replaces by Kurts face.
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