The best way to produce "strountes" is to keep a note book and an open mind. First thought is best thought, said Allan Ginsberg. Lichtenberg wrote in one of his waste books that all of us are capable to produce something ingenious a least once a year. But if we don't write it down these burst of geniality will vanish just the like that. Most of our thoughts are just small change, but if you put them together, rearrange, systematize them you might have a great fortune. So in order to be smart you have to be silly, have perseverance and confidence in your ability to at least once a years produce something of great value. So keep a scrap book and an open mind and you are on you way.

This is one of my favorite subjects and you read more about in forord. (it's in swedish thought) Most of my nonsense is in swedish and some of it is puns and word play. So here and there my linguistic gymnastics will be "på svenska" but I will do my best convert it to English. This section will grow so more pages with sense and non-sense will come about in the future.


Strountes! – according to Edvard Derkert

In these ages when the process of making art is held as important as the art object themselves let me propose an new concept: Beta art. Be an Art Beta tester, and if something is bugging you just send a report to

Good taste gets a little fuzzy by the edges after a stiff drink.

Escapism will never surrender to reality.

A little advice to artists anywhere. If you don't know what to say; Say it loud and as often as possible. Soon enough you will believe you aim is true and in the end the public will assume you got something pretty interesting to say.

How do you fight image pollution.

The more I tried to explain to her the less I understood.

A God must have a natural explanation.

God is a great investment.

You can never get hands on with god.

A common tongue render the kiss impossible.

Kiss and run.

We used to talk about the missing link. The creature between monkey and man. But now we got missing links all over. I haven't' got an inkling were they've gone.

In order the rise we have to fall. Again and again and again etc.

In those days when people couldn't read or write one hade to draw a picture to make people understand. Do yo get my drift, or do you want me draw a diagram?

See what I meant.

There is this song the very intriguing title: I 've grown accustomed to her face. Was she really that ugly or? Which reminds me of a blues song called I've grown so ugly by Robert Williams:

I got up this morning
And I put on my shoes
I tied my shoes
Then I washed my face
I went to the mirror
For to comb my head
I made a move
Didn't know what to do
I tipped way forward
Got to break and run

In order to be in order a least something must ne out of order

Ganhndi said about western civilization: That would be a nice idea.

The CHN method for raising kids:

Constraint Habit Necessity

The original is the software of the beholder.

Art goes with out saying.

God is to us an almost infinite amount of information.

The face goes inter and later on it's all after faces.

I am already thinking of myself in the past tense. Yesterday i was at a party. And the day before that I bought a big mirror. The mirror looked my I already looked old and withered. Isn't that sad!

Some people prefer sex to writing stupid words in a note book. I wonder why?

Sex to be is about sharing information.

Masturbation is more like talking to your self. I am sexy! Oh I Know! Touch me there! Yes, yes, Ah.

Me and my body! They say Descartes made me say that. Descartes i supposed to be the father of the dualism between the spirit and the body. What did people say before Descartes? Me my body/soul. I hurt hand when peeling potato?

Me and my body.

I don't care what I think about you. You are a terrible person so why bother.













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Little totem animal of strountes
A very eccentric worldview. "Världsbild" in swedish. This is where I live.
Plasters that look like the sore beneath. Hallo, I am talking about the wound beneath the skin, the wound, inside the body. We are suspended from our language. When I read my note books I often don't understand what I am writing about. In this one there seems to be a connection between the wound and the word. Language as an internal disease. Below this text was this christ like figure hung in the words above which reads: My name is Edvard Derkert. If you think this is weird why don't you read Neils Stephensson Snow crash.
Sometimes I don't even understand myself !