This site is constructed for a screen resolution of 1024 – 760 pixels. It's put together in Dreamweaver with very little understanding of the "know how" one should have when starting such a big project................

When it comes to bits and bytes much of the content is a bit heavy – so if you haven't got a fast connection you probebly won't read this anyway. So it goes!

The site and the pictures are produced on a Mac and they look good in Safari, Explorer and Firefox. I've tested it in a PC with XP – it looked OK on Netscape but behaved strange with Explorer.It seemed to worh Ok with Windows 98 with Explorer though. My advice is to install Firefox – it's a very good browser. And it works on both Mac and Pc.s. If you encounter any problems please mail to me: This site is really big and you can navigate through int many different ways. But if you still wonder how the site is structured? Well take a look at the wonderful Flowchart and you'll get the drift!?

By the way all material by edvard derkert© edvard derkert. I you want to use my work – please contact me so I know what's going on. Happy Trails!